​​​Nantucket Elementary School PTA


We meet with the school as well as, survey parents and teachers to determine Nantucket's top needs! Then we work to make fill the need!

Jennifer Cavin - Treasurer

Samantha Weaver - President

Robyn Cohen - Vice President 

Our Values



 We host a Boosterthon Fun Run every other year. In the off years we run two small fundraisers, one in Fall and one in Spring. 

We work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organiziations to accomplish our agreed upon goals. 

We are dedicated to promoting children's health, well-being and education success through strong parent, family and community involvement.

We acknoweldge our obligations. We deliver on our promises

We value our colleagues and ourselves. We expect the same high quality of effort and thought from ourselves as we do from others.

We invite the stranger and welcome the newcomer. We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible.

We act consistently with our beliefs. When we err, we acknoweldge the mistake and seek to make amends. 


Niccola Skippen - Secretary


Every year we hold multiple events for Nantucket Families to attend. These events are free to PTA members and their families. 

The Nantucket PTA works closely with the school administration to help support and provide needed items. We have donated:

  • Classroom Smart Boards (2012/13)

  • Math Kits (2012/13)

  • Replaced Classroom Carpets (2013 - 2016)

  • The Playground Shade Structure (2015/16)

  • 6 Picnic Tables for the Shade Structure (2016/17)

  • Replaced 4 Classroom Projectors (2016/17)

  • 60 Chrome Books & 2 Charging Carts (2017/18)

  • An Early Reading Intervention Program (2017/18)

  • 2 Buddy Benches (2018/19)​

Collaboration, Commitment Accountability, Respect, Inclusivity & Integrity