​​​​​​​Nantucket Elementary School PTA

Question: Are there requirements I have to fulfill before volunteering at school?

  • Yes. All  volunteers need to have the county background check completed prior to their volunteer day. The background check takes approximately two weeks to be completed. You can access the form here
  • All school volunteers must also watch the mandatory volunteer video and submit a verification form. You can view the video here and download the form here

Question: I had the county background check completed last year, Do I need to do it again this year? 

  • ​No, the completed background checks are good for two years.

Question: How do I sign up to volunteer?

  • Click the Sign Up bottom above and complete the necessary forms. Your information will be entered into our database and you will be contacted for the volunteer opportunities you selected. 

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Welcome to the Volunteer Program at Nantucket Elementary School.  Thank you for your interest in supporting us in our quest to provide the best educational program for our students.  We hope you are able to participate in a volunteer opportunity that is of interest to you.  We look forward to working with you this year.