Crofton high School events!!


Ledo night with Mrs huse, fuson, kujan & michels

september ledo pizza night w/ ms. Davis

NANTUCKET!! We didn’t just reach our Boosterthon goal, WE CRUSHED IT!! We earned over $43,000!!!

To all the parents who volunteered and asked for donations, to everyone that donated, to the students who ran those many laps today, to the teachers who encouraged, to the school administration that went above and beyond, and to our amazing shirt sponsors- THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!

Special shout out “Thank You” to Assistant Principal Mrs. Edwards!! Without her tireless efforts this would not have been possible!!

We have been fundraising for over 4 years to earn a set of 30 chrome-books and charging cart for each grade. With this fundraiser we have finally achieved that goal!! Amazing!!

Welcome back teachers!!!

The PTA was at Peek at your Seat! We signed up over 40 members and sold Spirit Wear!

The PTA Hosted our October Spirit Night with special guests Mrs. Huse, Mrs. Fuson, Mrs. Kujan and Mrs. Michels! 

Coffee Cart for teachers!!!

Crofton High School Signature Program Meeting

Your PTA was present at the 2nd Signature Program Meeting for our new Crofton High School! 

We had over 450 people attend our Fall Fest!!!! Thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered and donated to this event! It was an overwhelming success!!

Special thanks to our Community Events Committee Chairs Katie McKeon and Darice Butler, and committee members Erin Waite and Lisa Billings for your time, dedication, and tremendous effort you put in to make this event a smashing success!

The PTA attended the 3rd meeting for the Crofton High School Signature Program

Tonight the PTA, administration and A LOT of Nantucket families attended the “Kickoff with Kindness” event, hosted by Nantucket parent Kristen Caminiti and her foundation Kindness Grows Here! It was an amazing event and a great way to start the school year!!

Watch Dogs Kick off and September pta meeting!

Our Custodial Team is amazing and we aren’t the only ones who think so! While we provided a small token of appreciation this morning, our students filled a bulletin board (in the Music hall) with pictures, notes, and gratitude for the hard work done by Ms. Tish, Ms. Carla, and Mr. Tyler every day to keep their spaces clean and safe. We are also excited to have a chance to welcome Ms. Nancy to the team.

Happy Custodial Workers Appreciation Day!

we celebrated custodial APPRECIATION day!!

Kick off with kindness!

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Our Hospitality team welcomed back Nantucket Teachers with a delicious breakfast We also organized a chalk the walk event to show our teachers how much we appreciate them!!!

The PTA Hosted our first Spirit Night of the year with special guest Mrs. Davis!  

PTA Sponsored fall fest

The PTA hosted the Watch Dogs introduction meeting and hosted our first PTA Meeting of the year! We voted on our budget, adding a skate  spirit night and so much more! Check out our agenda and meeting minutes (coming soon)

Our resident barista, Robyn, went classroom to classroom to delivery fresh hot Starbucks Coffee and treats! 

peek at your seat!

2019/2020 PTA EVENTS

Your PTA was present at the first High School meeting to discuss the future of the high school and to vote on the name. The following day we were again present at the Signature Program meeting, to help determine the signature program for our new Crofton High School!

​​​Nantucket Elementary School PTA