​​​Nantucket Elementary School PTA


PTA elections for the executive board will be held at the next PTA meeting on April 18th at 6:30pm. The meeting is held in the media center with open gym provided for all school aged children.

Below are the nominees: 

My name is Samantha Weaver and I am running for President of the PTA. My daughter Abigail is a 2nd grader here at Nantucket Elementary and I have been an active member of the PTA, serving as fundraising chair and President. I bring over a decade of experience as an officer for non-profit organizations with a proven track record of creative thinking, social activity organization and fiscal responsibility. I believe that every parent, teacher and child brings unique knowledge, experience and attributes to our school and as President, I will continue to work to encourage school-wide participation in our shared goal of making Nantucket Elementary the very best place to learn.

Vice President:
Jodie Carpenter, mother of 2 girls, Macie a 6th grader who attends Crofton Middle School and Lanie who is in 1st grade at Nantucket. I’ve been a PTA member and involved with the PTA for the last 7 years. I jumped in as the Communications Co-Chair, then moved to the Fundraiser Chair, then Membership Co-Chair, the Treasurer, the Vice President and then back to the Treasurer, which is my current position on the executive board. It’s important to me to be involved, and “in the know” in the schools and community in which my children and I live in. I’ve also been the room mom for both of my girls and the Girl Scout Cookie mom for my oldest daughter’s troop for 7 years. I look forward to serving the PTA next year and helping in any way I can.

My name is Nicola Rust-Skippen. I have two kids; Lucy is a sixth grader at Crofton Middle and Luke will be in Kindergarten this fall. Lucy was at NES all 6 years and I was active in the PTA the entire time. First year I was Communications co-chair, second year I was Secretary, third year I was Treasurer, fourth year I was Treasurer, fifth year I was President, and the last year I was Treasurer again. I’m excited to be back at Nantucket this upcoming fall and be involved and help in anyway I can.

My name is Robyn Cohen and I am running for Secretary of the PTA. My daughter, Abby, is in second grade and my son, Josh is in kindergarten. They love school very much!! I have been the room mom in both kids' classes and really enjoy being involved. I served on the PTA board as the Secretary this year as well. We are proud to be apart of such a wonderful school and looking forward to another great school year!Type your p
aragraph here.