​​​​​​​​Nantucket Elementary School PTA

Students explore various times of art techniques and study art to gain a better appreciation

Grades:   4th and 5th Grade​
Meeting:  After School on Wednesday


24 club


Participants will learn choreography and perform dances and routines.

Grades:  4th and 5th Grade​
Meeting:  Before school on Thursdays


  • Megan Robey mbrobey@aacps.org 
  • Kelly Spadaro kspadaro@aacps.org​

AAA School Safety Patrol

HERO Boys is a youth development and engagement program for boys in 3rd – 5th grades.  Using running as a base activity HERO Boys inspires boys to discover the character and courage that resides inside each one of them to be brave, stand for that which is right, and use their talents and strengths to lead and set the positive example among their peers. Hero Boys is a national program and registration is required to join.  

Registration: Opens September 9th Click HERE
Grades:  4th and 5th Grade​
Meeting:  TBD (Fall and Spring)


  • Erin Roller eroller@aacps.org


hero boys

Art Club

Representatives from each 4th and 5th grade class for the Student Council. They meet to discuss school needs and plan the quarterly PBIS rewards

Grades:   4th and 5th Grade​
Meeting:  Varies


  • ​​

student Council

Safeties is a group of student leaders who apply and have been selected to assist the school in monitoring and supporting safety at select times of the day.

Grades:   5th Grade​
Meeting:  During School Day


  • Chloe Cathro  CFitzgerald@aacps.org

dance club

This club is designed to help students with math. Participants will play an engaging game that makes math fact practice fun, increases enthusiasm, builds confidence, and helps students gain speed and accuracy.

Grades:  4th and 5th Grade​
Meeting:  Friday mornings in the Science Lab


  • Mariam Ahmed mahmed@aacps.org​

Girls on the Run is a program that works to encourage pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games, culminating in a celebratory 5k run.The Girls on the Run is a national program and registration is required to join. Nantucket Elementary has two teams!  

Registration: Opens September 3rd. Click HERE
Grades:  3rd - 5th Grade
Meeting:  Team Monday -  3:30 PM-4:45 PM; Team Wednesday  - 3:30 PM- 4:45 PM


  • Ashlee Fredericks afredericks@aacps.org
  • Katie Hoffmann csheehy@aacps.org
  • Ashley Pinder apinder@aacps.org
  • Ali Scholten ascholten@aacps.org
  • Tiffany Tanis tnbennett@aacps.org

Book Club

Students meet in the media center to discuss the book "Front Desk". 

Grades:   4th and 5th Grade​
Meeting:  Before School on Thursdays